Refund Policy

The following is our refund policy at Ptlabs Consulting Pty Ltd. Please familiarise yourself with it before you make any payment to us.

When you instruct Ptlabs Consulting Pty Ltd to act on your behalf for a visa matter, a registered migration agent acting on behalf of Ptlabs Consulting Pty Ltd will provide you with comprehensive advice and assistance. This advice and assistance commences immediately upon payment of our fees, as agreed, into our Clients' Account. In order for our registered migration agents to provide customised, specific and detailed advice to clients, background work and research relevant to your individual circumstances would have been carried out from the moment we receive your instruction to act for you. As this means subtantial professional work would have been performed from the beginning, it would not be generally possible for us to refund any professional fees paid to us.

However, if circumstances exist that are beyond your control, please do contact us and discuss your concerns with us. We are happy to review each individual case on its merits.